We’re on television!!

I made a promise during my campaign (and I wasn’t the only one) that I would work for and support televising OUSD Board Meetings as part of my commitment to transparency and community involvement.  I have great news.  I have been informed today by the Superintendent that through staff’s diligent work in the last month:

our live feed from the Board Room to the City Council technology office (i.e., our means to get on channel 10) is operating!! Our meetings will be televised with a 15-minute delay. You might ask a family member or friend to view it, starting at 9:30 tomorrow, and text you to inform us if we are, in fact, working. 

Thank you to Kathy Smith, James Hahn from the City, Tom Friedman, David Rogers (District technology technical leader), and Josh Brown for getting us this far.”

I want to express my personal thanks to the above-named staff and Superintendent Bangser for the extra effort to make this change.  It took a little financial creativity, and technical wizardry, but they got it done for the benefit of all of us who care about the school district.

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