7/11 Committee Forming; New OUSD Website

Two new and exciting developments:

The District has unveiled its new and improved web site Of course it looks great, but I think you’ll also notice that it’s easier to find the important information you’re looking for.  My congratulations to staff for a successful launch.

The District is forming a 7-11 Committee.  What’s that, you say?  Here’s the scoop.  According to a recent enrollment study, the OUSD can soon expect to be about half the size it was during its peak enrollment, or about 2400-2500 students.  We have facilities for our former enrollment of over 4000 students.  What, if anything, should we do with excess property? This is a very important committee, and your chance to participate in the conversation about the future of our elementary schools here in the valley.  We’re seeking between seven and eleven stalwart members who will focus on a study of options for the number and sites of our elementary schools in the future.

Interested?  Find the brief application on the OUSD home page, or go here.  Appointments to the Committee will occur at either the September 15 or October 6 Board Meeting. It is anticipated that the Committee’s work will span from October, 2015 through February, 2016 with at least two meetings per month except in December.

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