Rancho Campana High School Maker Space Teaches Entrepreneurship

Fidget spinners made in the RCMAKES student-operatedNext to coding, so-called maker technology is the newest essential learning for the 21st century.  With the coming of affordable 3-D printers, young makers can create businesses just like the students at Rancho Campana are doing through their small business.  Learn more here!

“We have a goal of keeping our best and brightest students at home in Ventura County and RCMAKES gives students a foot in the door to local companies,” McCoy said. “Local companies are invited to work in the maker space and can connect to students. RCMAKES is also a regional occupation program, and many (ROP) faculty are liaisons to local businesses.”

Gross stressed the educational value of student-run startups such as RCMAKES and said the business teaches students a variety of skills that are applicable to many career paths.

“Students get pride of ownership, understand the realities of a startup company and get the flexibility of being involved directly in the decision-making process,” Gross said. “We’re training students who after going off to college, will hopefully come back to Ventura County, while students who don’t attend college are learning vocational and technical skills such as 3-D printing and laser cutting from a workmanship and maintenance perspective.”

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