Congratulations Class of 2017

20170616_195702Across the District this week, and finally at Nordhoff Stadium, students have been transitioning.  It was my pleasure and privilege to attend Nordhoff’s graduation tonight. and yet again this year, what I saw convinced me that Ojai Unified is something special and something to be proud of.

The camaraderie, respect, and maturity of the graduates was palpable, and not what I remember from my own high school days.  Much of the credit for that obviously goes to the students themselves, who represent Ojai well.  And credit goes to the parents who taught them.  And a lot goes to the dedicated teachers, staff, and administrators of the OUSD.

As we say goodbye to several key members of the OUSD family, and watch others step up to a new challenge, its a good time to take a closer look at the people who dedicate their lives to educating and nurturing our students.20170616_195707

Each individual brings their “A” game.  Every one of them works with limited resources, except their own creativity, and works miracles…all while juggling the incredible reports and analysis they are required to provide the State of California.  For every hour you see a teacher in class, there’s easily another hour you don’t see spent in preparation, documentation, assessment, and reporting.

So tonight I say congratulations to our high school graduates, and their parents and families.

Congratulations too to the faculty and staff of the OUSD for another brood well-tended.  They leave the nest as ready as they can be, and they have you to thank.  And so do we.

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