Ojai Valley News – 8/9/18

me2Michael Shanahan candidate profile: ongoing local election coverage

The Ojai Valley News will provide ongoing coverage of local candidates in the November election. Each candidate is provided the opportunity to answer the same set of questions regarding their candidacy and the responses will be printed in the order they are received from the candidates as space allows.

Michael Shanahan

Ojai Unified School District Board of Education

What is your background, particularly as it relates to this position?

I was elected four years ago, and serve as a current board member. Professionally, I’ve been asenior-level education administrator for 15 years, most recently as the vice chancellor of Human Resources for the Ventura County Community College District since 2013. Before that, I led the HR department at the Los Angeles Community College District. Overall, I have more than 30 years of human resources experience, including my time as a staff attorney for SEIU and my tenure with multinational companies like Baxter Healthcare. I understand union negotiations, organizational development, strategic planning, and more.

Why are you seeking election to this position?

I’ve spent the last four years working on major projects for the OUSD and I want to see them through to completion. We need to complete the responsible re-purposing of the District’s downtown property to provide desperately needed cash flow to the District. We need to complete bond construction as quickly as possible to preserve our buying power. Low enrollment threatens our schools. There remain significant challenges and I would be privileged to be trusted to continue the work.
Yard sign Proof

What goals would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Keep all neighborhood schools open. Complete the sensitive responsible repurposing of the downtown property to provide revenue to the District. Complete the transfer of sixth-graders to Matilija and encourage the re-visioning of our middle school. Make significant progress on bond construction including a pool.

What are the biggest issues facing the organization?

Without a doubt, the biggest issue facing OUSD is declining enrollment. There are many contributing factors, but without students and the revenue that accompanies them, it becomes impossible for the District to maintain all of its neighborhood schools. We must find creative strategies to attract and retain students. Each of our schools is a gem in its own right and we can do a better job of letting their light shine.

Why should people vote for you?

Four years ago, I promised that each issue I supported would increase student success, fiscal responsibility, or operating efficiency. If you look at my record, you will see that I kept that promise. This time, I again promise that my focus will be on increasing Student Success, supporting Fiscal Responsibility with your tax dollars, and upholding Public Accountability by maintaining transparency and seeking public input.
If you have a candidate website, what is the address?
If you have a candidate email, what is the address?

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