K-12 Online – Idea Whose Time Has Come?

As the OUSD Board struggles with enrollment drops and the accompanying funding reductions, along with the challenges of maintaining an aging infrastructure, it seems the perfect time to explore new ideas in delivering education. That’s why I’m so pleased that we will be discussing an online-supported independent study program at tonight’s school board meeting.

online education at home

It’s not a new idea, and it’s time has definitely come. More and more school districts are implementing online programs. In fact, according to a recent Forbes Magazine article, “Over 30 states in the United States now offer some form of K-12 public education online.”

Growth in technology and software can now provide teachers with tools to help every student. “K-12 online public schools are attempting to offer a personalized, high-quality education with instruction from state-certified teachers to help students reach their potential.” The key is personalized education. We all know that one-size-fits-all education is a poor compromise. But it was the best tool we had for the last 100 years.

Now we have the tools to “narrow-cast” education, providing individualized curriculum and instruction. It’s worth examining new ways of delivering the education our kids need.

Much of the support for this new OUSD conversation can be attributed to the recent community meetings where concerned stakeholders of the OUSD shared their concerns and ideas. I was able to attend only one of them, but I was so impressed with the quality of conversation and dedication of our OUSD family. I’m excited about the future of education in the OUSD.

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