Chamber of Commerce Measure J Luncheon…

484.jpgHad the pleasure of attending the Ojai Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday at which Measure J was discussed by Superintendent Bangser.  He took a number of questions.  I specifically asked whether, if the bond passes, the District will develop a Master Plan to identify and prioritize actual construction projects.  Bangser said unequivocally, yes.  He further committed that the Plan will be developed incorporating both staff and community involvement and input.  I support Measure J and believe that it is critical to the continued health of the District.  But I also believe that the use of the funds must be carefully strategized and planned out, and that community involvement and oversight is a mandatory part of the process.  Overall a useful and informative event.  Thanks to the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce for their service to the community in sponsoring this event.

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