We Need You!

I Need You!We need you!  The time for kicking this campaign into full gear is now! The Ojai Unified School Board will have three vacancies out of five seats.  That means this election will have a major impact on the school district in the future.  Think about it.  A majority of the seats are up for election.  The entire direction of the Board could change as a result of this election cycle.  This election is important.

What can you do?

1.  Share this site with your friends.  Tell them about the Facebook page and encourage them to Like it, or refer your Non-FB friends to the WordPress site to follow there.  It’s the best way to express your public support of the campaign and get the latest news.

2.  Contact us for a yard sign.  Showing your support publicly demonstrates that you are concerned about the quality of education in the Ojai Valley.

3.  Contact us for a mixer.  If you can host a community mixer of an hour or 90 minutes where I can meet voters, let us know and we’ll set it up.  We’ll even bring the refreshments.  If you can’t host, but can gather a group of friends, we’ll provide the location, and we’ll still provide refreshments.

4.  Contact us to contribute funds.  We need your financial support as well.  We’re not running an extravagant campaign, but advertising costs money, and we need your support to get there.

5.  Contact us to Endorse.  If you are willing to allow is to name you as supporting our candidate, please let us know.

6.  Talk about the campaign and its importance to our kids.  Share your concerns with your friends and neighbors.  Tell them how important this election is.  Tell them which candidates you are supporting and urge them to consider voting for the same.

7.  Contact us to volunteer.  We need volunteers to participate in phone banking, and other important campaign activities from delivering yard signs to assisting in mixers.  It will be fun and a major contribution to the community.

We’re making progress.  But we need your support.  Contact us now!

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